A person or a couple seeking therapy deserves tremendous respect. Whether you are trying therapy for the first time, resuming treatment, or looking for a better fit, you are taking steps towards positive change. I believe that therapy is a place of growth where human connection with your therapist, empathy and unconditional acceptance are balanced with a challenge. Both are necessary to gain a new perspective, overcome internal barriers, and experience new, healthier, and more fulfilling ways of being. The years of experience and advanced post-graduate training I received make me believe in couples' and individuals' potential to grow and heal.

I view our work as an interesting, energizing process that helps you to better understand yourself and others, to have healthy relationships, to enhance your ability to cope with stress and ultimately to become a happier person. Our work would recognize the uniqueness of your circumstances, and of your personality.

My approach to treatment is relational psychodynamic. For appropriate patients interested in developing deeper insight I also offer psychoanalysis. In addition to insight-oriented work targeted at exploring conflicting feelings, wishes, and other sources of feeling “stuck”, I integrate principles of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness to help patients who struggle with impulsivity, emotion regulation, and dealing with various relationship and life stressors. I work both with individuals and couples. I specialize in depression, anxiety, interpersonal and relationship issues, substance abuse and infertility.

I am LGBTQ+ friendly and work with all cultures, ethnic groups, races and religions. I am striving to understand my patients, and if I am not familiar with your culture, I will take it upon myself to learn more on my own and together with you. In addition to English, I speak French and Russian.
Call me or email me to schedule a free brief initial consultation. I would love to understand your needs and answer any questions about the therapy process.

Mindfulness Peace


“Powerful is our need to be known, really known by ourselves and others, even if only for a moment.” Carl Rogers
“Every human being has the freedom to change at any instant.” Viktor E. Frankl